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One of the many reasons why I’m pleased to have changed country again is because of the music. Of course, there is no need to travel these days if you want to discover music from anywhere, but moving to a new place gives you a great incentive to listen to new stuff, and have a theme in mind. The thing is that being a nerd by nature, I’ve started studying the Canadian music scene several months ago, and there are lots of good blogs and initiatives that really helped feed my curiosity. I’ve found out about plenty of brilliant artists and, to my huge relief, there is much more to Canadian music than Michael Buble.

First of all, there is Canadian Blast which describes itself  as “a site where the community of music professionals from around the globe can pursue their ongoing relationship with Canadian music.” They’ve made a lot of free mp3s of Canadian artists available on the web, which is a great taster of the quality and diversity of the Canadian music industry at the moment.

The other blog that I follow is The Line of the Best Fit. They are great for all types of music news, but also they have a whole section called ‘Oh Canada!’ counting 13 compilations of Canadian music also downloadable for free.

I’ve downloaded, listened, sieved through and made a first rough selection of my favourite artists so far, some like Tokyo Police Club I’ve become obsessed with, some I’ll still have to listen to a bit further. What I’ve come to understand is that it is an endless task as there is so much good stuff going on here.

There’s a lot of good folk music that’s for sure and some sound a bit more country than other, but also some very good pop and indie.

Here is a small selection of what I’m listening to:

Tokyo Police Club –  my favourite band this year, from Newmarket, Ontario. I haven’t found any unconvincing song in their latest album Champ, it’s just perfection.

Yes NiceOnly Because You Can’t – A young band from Vancouver that Ed saw at The Railway Club in October and found them so good live that he bought the CD. He compares them to LOVE and their indie sound is very much reminiscent of 70s dreamy psychedelia.

Dan Mangan – Robots also from Vancouver and local enfant cheri – his gig here is sold out for three days – he sounds a bit like Mumford and Sons but less melodramatic. I can’t get past Robots because it’s such a perfect little tune.

Jason Collett – From Toronto, one of the guitarists of Broken Social Scene. In his Love Song to Canada, his tongue-in-cheek ‘You can blame just about anything on the weather’, never fails to make me smile since I’m here!

Joel PlaskettRollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ folk singer from Nova Scotia, who seems to have a predilection for the number three, title of his latest triple album, and his songs titles ‘Deny, Deny, Deny’, ‘Through, Through, Through’, ‘Precious, Precious, Precious’, etc. His folk-rock tunes are upbeat, and his ballads are more on the country side and he sounds a bit like Tom Petty, so listen, listen, listen.

Hannah Georgas – another very talented Vancouverite pop-rock singer, she’s got a knack for composing nice pop tunes and is best known for her song The Beat Stuff.

Culture Reject – Very interesting band based in Toronto and produced by the small label White Whale Records. Their song Inside The Cinema is a real earworm for me because of its monotonous, trance-like quality.

Other bands on my playlist on Grooveshark include: Pale Air Singers, Kathryn Calder, Said The Whale, Hard Drugs, Bruce Peninsula, Timber Timbre, Woodpigeon, Fanshaw, Amelia Curran, Rah Rah and Tegan and Sara.


Click here to listen to Canadian Playlist #1

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