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I really wouldn’t normally be the kind of girl to write a post on fashion, but two things have come to my attention since I’ve been here.

The first one keeps on amusing me. Before leaving England, as I knew my baggage allowance was tiny, I had several worries and wishes. One was bringing my wellies with me. Ed’s mother bought them this year for my birthday and because I was warned it rained a lot here, I knew I would really need them. I have started wearing them since mid-November, but it doesn’t rain as much as I thought it would.

When you are a woman, you understand very quickly when you are wearing the latest, most desirable fashion item. I’ve never really had that feeling in London, because it would take wearing a pair of Louboutin to be really noticed by the fashionistas. But since mid-November, I can feel the look of other women going down to my shoes and their face twist into an expression of envy, of ‘I’d die to have a pair of these’, ‘these are definitely making it to the top of my Christmas wish list’.

I noticed it a bit at the beginning, and then told Ed, who said, ‘I know, I’ve seen it too’.  Then, women started to admire and comment on my rubber boots. After a Yin yoga class last week, two women were looking at them and saying, ‘they’re lovely, I really want some’. For some reason, probably because I was a bit embarrassed by the attention, I said for the sake of conversation, ‘I got them in England.’ They gasped, ‘oh, they are the real ones’.

It reminded of a friend’s mother, who once said to me, as I was one the most uncool girls at school : ‘if other girls mock your outfit, tell them that it comes from Paris, it will shut them up!’

We stopped by a shoe shop one evening and realised that the retail price of wellies here is C$150, which suddenly makes them look a bit more exclusive. So I’ve been feeling pretty cool here, walking up and down Kits with my real Hunter wellies from England. As mentioned in my previous post when you’re new in a country, you struggle to integrate into the community, but by packing my wellies with me, I’ve found an easy shortcut to popularity.

The second thing I’ve observed is woolly hats, and it’s another accessory that makes perfect sense because of the climate. I’ve seen all sorts of woolly hats here, most of them look fluffy and comfy. They seem to have turned into some kind of comforter blanket that people wear on their head, to such an extent that a lot wear them indoors as well. I’ve seen yoga teachers doing that a lot.

I’m starting to have hat envy myself, I now fancy a whole wardrobe full of hats, all kinds, Andean, crochet, home knitted, cashmere, and with snowflake patterns.

Anyway, my friends, now you know what to pack whenever you come and visit us!

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