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As promised, I’m following up on Send in the Santas.

This is going quite well here. Our Christmas ornament hunt in thrift stores is proving rather fruitful.

In addition to Hawaii Santa, we now have Startled Reindeer, Tipsy Snowman and Angel Face.

Tipsy Snowman

Tipsy Snowman looks like his only job every year is to jazz up the eggnog with a bit of aged Cognac.

While I’m at it, here’s the funniest joke I’ve read on a friend’s Facebook status: “Two snowmen. One says to the other ‘can you smell carrots?”

Startled Reindeer

I think I bought this in the thrift because it looked rather lost. He looks like he’s just been told the truth about Santa Claus.

Angel Face

What can I say about Angel Face? She just couldn’t seem more eager to bring some Christmas cheer and joy to anyone’s home.

Well, there will more soon hopefully but in the meantime, feel free to send us pictures of your very favourite ornament!


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Send in the Santas

I’m realising that Christmas is approaching and that it will be the first we will be spending in Canada, far from family and friends. Everything here is new and unfamiliar and our flat is only temporary, so Christmas feels as distant as Europe is.  So I’ve decided we should try and emulate the Christmas spirit anyway by hunting for kitsch and cheerful ornaments in thrift shops.

Here’s the first one that I found today: Hawaii Santa. It’s unexpectedly exotic and really sweet at the same time. An exotic Santa seems  most appropriate for us now in our strange new environs.


Hawaiian Santa and teddy bear

I’m really pleased with my first acquisition and feel that somehow I’ve set the bar a bit too high but we’ll see what other gems await us in thrifts, and I’ll make sure to post them too.

I’m imagining  that, in your Christmas box, you have some really special ornaments. Some that you’re happy to find again, to unwrap,  hang on your tree, and  bring you Christmas joy.

So here’s an idea, dear readers: maybe you’d like to share them with us and bring us some cheer. If so, do send pictures of your favourite decoration and maybe a story that goes with it, and I’ll hang them all in a post for Christmas Eve, on a virtual tree.

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