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Next leg

I should be doing my packing really as I’m hopping on the plane to San Francisco tomorrow, but before leaving Europe, I wanted to change the face of Budgiediaries as we will now travel by other means and park the yellow van for a while.

The end of the European journey was hectic as Charlie the cat misbehaved in the cattery where he could have stayed, if he hadn’t made a point of beating up the female inmates. Not popular with the ladies our black and white friend! So we drove him to Spain and then dashed back to Calais almost missing the last Eurotunnel of the day.

The whole holiday though was a wonderful and memorable experience: we snorkeled in Portugal, bet on horse races near Agen in France and won 31 times our 2 euros bet on a horse called Rosco, we saw Kelly Slater surf in Hossegor, we ate duck hearts in South West France, octopus in Portugal, drank horchata in Spain, we saw dolphins, friendly goats, sulking donkeys, wandering dogs, hairless cats, chubby green lizards, we got lost in a giant tunnel in Madrid in big traffic, we felt cursed on the Parisian peripherique, we said “wow!” a lot, we walked miles barefoot on the beach, we found the best campsite in the luxury Pavillon Royal near Biarritz, we finally made peace with the satnav – at least for now -,  we saw some gigantic waves in Zavial (Portugal), we practiced yoga on the beach, on the grass, on our friends’ living room floor, we gained weight in France, lost it in Portugal, and found it again in France, we had gourmet picnics, we went to markets and cooked a lot, and above all we spent some great moments with friends and family who all treated us so well.

Now this is over, and with only two days in between adventures, I’ve barely had time to really create my expectations as to what is coming next, and that’s the best way for me I find. I’ve decided to keep on posting in the budgie spirit and share the next leg of our journey.

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